Creative Victoria

Six Moments in Kingston is supported by Creative Victoria, the Victorian State Government arts funding body. Kingston Arts won a coveted Creative Suburbs grant, which invests in opportunities for Melbourne’s outer metropolitan communities to engage with, and participate in, high quality arts and creative experiences.

Ventura Bus Lines

Ventura was founded by Harry Cornwall in 1924 when his employer refused to provide transport over unsealed roads to his workplace in Melbourne’s outer east. Curator Cameron Bishop rode to school in the same Ventura bus pictured above, from the Mornington Peninsula. It’s not surprising that Ventura now links audiences to another trip down memory lane, a tour of historic Kingston stories.  

Southern FM

The voice of the South, famously broadcasting stories from Melbourne’s southeast, joins Kingston Arts on a cultural journey through the burbs. Through promos, interviews and vox pops, Southern FM sit firmly behind Six Moments in Kingston’s epic program of story-telling and art, sharing it with whoever tunes in!

Australian National Aviation Museum

Starting as an aircraft restoration project run by enthusiasts, Australian National Aviation Museum (ANAM) now houses a collection larger than half the world’s airlines and a third of the world’s air forces. Visited by thousands of visitors every year, ANAM kindly opens its doors to Kingston Arts to invite audiences to the site of one of the world’s most complex mysteries, the disappearance of young pilot Frederick Valentich.


Urban Yarn Art

Home to vibrant textiler’s across Kingston and beyond, Urban Yarn Art teamed up with sister organisations to add a few darned words to the story of Julie Cooper. Thanks for getting the ball rolling Urban Yarn Art!  

Ray White

Our local Real Estate agent and staunch supporter of everything Moorabbin, helped put the word out through their inimical Real Estate Boards!

Deakin University

A big thank you to the students, interns, film makers and teachers who came on board to get this show on the road!   

Carrick Hoarding

Carrick Hoarding is a specialist provider of temporary modular construction hoarding, and a local Moorabbin business in operation since 1989. They’ve provided temporary hoarding at Chapel Road in support of Spiros Panigirakis’ project – thanks to the team for getting behind us!