Craftivism with Tal Fitzpatrick

Tal Fitzpatrick is a Melbourne-based artist who is curious about the ways craft can be deployed to bring people together and drive positive social change.

In March and April, Tal will be hosting a series of free craftivist protest banner-making workshops in Kingston, where participants will create a textile protest banner of their own. Materials are provided.

For those who haven’t heard the term before, craftivism is a word that describes the combination of craft and activism (as well as a bit of social media). Since the term craftivism was coined by Betsy Greer in 2003, the idea has blossomed into a global movement of like-minded makers who mend the fabric of society and make with meaning.

Six Moments in Kingston revolves around a guided bus tour through the streets of Kingston. The textile protest banners will be used as part of this unique live art event. A selection of the banners will also be featured in an exhibition curated by the Tal, called Crafting Resistance: Six Moments in Kingston at Kingston Arts Centre in September 2019.

Participant protest banner created at craftivism workshop at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Tal Fitzpatrick (2019)

Hand-made textile protest banners are a creative way to resist and rejoice, to share our values and speak our truth, and to unapologetically take up space. If you are interested in being part of this project by participating in a workshop and learning to make a textile protest banner of your own then register now as spaces are limited. Oh – and it doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or an absolute craft genius, or if you have never done any activism before, you will come away from the 2-hour workshops with the skills and inspiration to make a banner you will be proud of!

Realising that not everyone who would like to come will be able to make the workshops, Tal is working on an instruction sheet that people can use to make a banner at home or together with their friends which they can then post to the artist for use in the Six Moments in Kingston project. If you want a copy of this information please email Tal:

Image credit for Featured image: Girls Just Want to Have FUNdamental Human Rights by Tal Fitzpatrick (2015) 50cm x 50cm