Spiros Panigirakis

Spiros is interested in how presentational devices, furniture and organisational frameworks influence the construction of meaning, form and the social. He often works within community frameworks in both a curatorial and collaborative capacity to address sited conditions of art and dynamics of power. Recent projects include Opening (2016) for Support Materials, Soft Furnishings at RMIT Project Space; Scarecrow (2015) for Treatment at the Western Treatment Plant; Australian Studies (2014) with Fiona Macdonald for Cross Arts Projects, Sydney; and Raft (2013) at Craft Victoria. He has written for un Magazine, an independent contemporary art magazine printed in Naarm/Australia; for New Zealand’s Enjoy Public Art Gallery journal; and on the practices of Raimundas Malašauskas, Shannon Lyons, Andrew Atchison, Fiona Macdonald, Fiona Abicare and Bianca Hester.

Panigirakis was part of the founding committee of the artist-run initiative CLUBSproject (2002-2008) and is currently editing with Bianca Hester and Terri Bird a publication engaged with that history. He is the coordinator of the Visual Arts program within the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture, Monash University. Spiros is represented by Sarah Scout presents, Melbourne and is a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary (2018-2020).

Projects engaging community frameworks include Garden States (2013) for Melbourne Now at the National Gallery of Victoria, where Panigirakis reflected on the community context and relationships cultivated within the suburban-Melbourne garden inhabited by the artist’s parents. The installation featured a cast concrete poster rack, planter boxes, pots and stakes that have been designed in collaboration with his parents – Andonis Panigirakis and Dimitra Panigirakis. The forms and materials used to reference the provisional design and idiosyncratic aesthetic found in the space of the garden that supports the growing of tomatoes and ornamentals.

In Moorabbin (for the Melbourne Prize for Urban Sculpture 2014), Panigirakis created a tourist bureau about the suburb of Moorabbin in Federation Square. The artwork was a temporary platform for the civic, commercial and social representation of the suburban locale, engaging the local primary school, designers, local community groups, activist organisation, hobbyists, small business and global industry based in Moorabbin.

Panigirakis more recently co-curated If people powered radio: 40 years of 3CR (2016) with Helen Hughes at Gertrude Contemporary. The exhibition presented the various artworks that are a product of the engagement between several artists, the 3CR organisation and the broader local and national community it sits within. In tandem, Panigirakis designed the built infrastructure that presented and facilitated the live broadcasting of radio as well as the historical documents pertaining to 3CR’s engagement with Indigenous, women’s, workers, environment, LGBTIQ, community languages and disability issues to emerge.

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Download the bus-guide PDF, Figures, notes and amendments by Spiros Panigirakis.

Image of Spiros Panigirakis by Dimitra Pangirakis