Protest 1979 / 1982

‘Protest’ responds to historic protest narratives in Moorabbin around the movement for equal pay at the old Phillip Morris cigarette factory, and the live-in protest against homelessness conducted by two teenage girls at Kingston Town Hall. The project reverberates with international and national protest movements and broader Australian social concerns. Performance elements will include: narratives broadcast via the bus tour public address system; an animated tent installed at the Town Hall that responds directly to historic Moorabbin narratives and the voice/identity of marginalised populations; reference to an infamous incident involving a tow truck and physical struggles between constabulary and workers at the former Phillip Morris car park; a public art installation using illuminated LED boards and text developed with community consultation. This project has been developed alongside The Gathering Place and Kingston Koorie Mob.

Image credit: Silent Protest, archived by the Kingston Historical Society, sourced unknown.