Fred Valentich 1978

“It is not an aircraft.”

On the evening of October 21st 1978, nineteen year old pilot Frederick Valentich disappeared shortly after take-off from Moorabbin airport. Before his disappearance, Valentich reported sighting a metallic aircraft moving at high speed. Reports further southeast noted a similar aircraft sporting multiple lights on its belly before transmission abruptly ceased. Valentich and his plane were never seen again.

Partnering with the Australian National Aviation Museum and the Victorian UFO Action Group, artist collective Field Theory will work with volunteers to tell the conflicting stories, myths and unassuageable mysteries that took this story to the top of Australian security organisations. This interactive project drops the audience deep inside the many mysteries surrounding this story.

Image sourced from – front page of The Australian, Monday October 23 1978, ‘UFO Mystery’ by Robin Southey